Event Set-up/Breakdown

Express Pressure Washing provides an array of event support services to catering, event, and industry- related groups throughout Georgia. No matter the size, big or small, global or intimate, Express Pressure Washing has the personnel, equipment, and resources to effectively service any event.

From setting up, to manning the event, to cleaning up, taking down, and hauling out, EPW will work with
your planner to coordinate your function from start to finish.

Need personnel to direct the guests, parking, or the venue’s restrooms? No matter the need, with EPW,
you’re covered!

  • Our staffing support includes positions such as:
    Restroom Attendant
  • Vehicle and Body Traffic
  • Personnel Information Attendants
  • Bus Boys
  • Party Set Up & Take Down Support
  • Staff Information Attendants
  • Traffic Control
  • and many more…